Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mission Impossible: Mac Book Pro Arrival
Hello oncre more fellow readers. For this post I would like to share something that has really upset me... my Mac Book Pro arrival. I decided to purchase a Mac Book Pro at the beggining of the year, January to be more exact. The reason for my decision is following: I enjoy making and editing videos, and Macs are said to be the best platform for such. Thus, I chose the Mac Book Pro with several video editing videos pre installed in it already. The only problem was whether buying it here or the U.S. Since the Mac prices got recently cheaper here in Brazil, I decided buying it here. So my dad ordered it at April 28th and the site guaranteed it would arrive at my house at 2 weeks max. Guess what? Three weeks have passed and it did not arrive yet. I annoyed my dad a couple of days ago to do something about it and I annoyed him so much, that he called the responsibles and made them deliver it the soonest possible. Naive as I am I really beleived they would bring it onm the the due date. Anyways, I called them the day it should arrive and asked them what the hell was going on. Needless to say, they brought it the next day. Sometimes you need to solve things for your self.

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